Game Time: Devil May Cry (PS2) Part 1

This was one of my favourite games on the ps2, it was also the first hack and slash game id ever really got to grips with, the combat was fast mostly fluid and most important of all it was fun. The graphics were really good too they had that distinct playstation feel about them and thats a plus in my book, and plus the art style that went with it was awesome to look at, the character you control “Dante” in his devil trigger mode was nearly as bad ass as they come (ryu hayabusa from ninja gaiden coming first in that particular poll!).

The story was pretty good, or as good as it could be given the subject matter involved, it vaguely went along the lines of you are the son of a famous dark night who saved humanity from hells demons and you must now follow in his footsteps and stop the lord of darkness from re emerging and conquering earth. Thats about the most spoiler free i can make it but that is the premise that justifies dante cutting and shooting his way through legions of horrific hell spawn and demons. It always made you feel like an utter bad ass tossing an enemy into the air and juggling them in the air with a massive cushion of bullets, when you unlocked the devil trigger mode (unleashing dantes demon side) which increases your power and heals your health, there was one move that made combat incredibly easy for at least 80% of the game, where you start flying and shoot down lighting bolts, easy to pull off and did alot of damage.

A prominent memory from devil may cry was going round a mate of mines house and pretty much completing the game for him in 1 sitting, so that was about 5-6 hours solid which was utterly knackering but hey i still did it 🙂 i was pretty good at the game so i didnt mind to much id gotten to the final boss on dante must die mode which as the name kind of gives you a clue is very very very hard.

This is by far my favourite game in the series (im playing through 3 at the moment so ill not include that in the judgement until i finish it) although admittedly thats not too difficult considering devil may cry 2 sucked so fucking much its unbelievable and ill be telling you why it sucked so fucking much next time!


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