Movie Night: Prometheus 3D with my brother

Its been a couple of weeks since ive watched a film with my brother, so we decided to arrange it today to watch prometheus, id already seen half of it before but we watched it in its entirety today in 3D.

Which looked really really good, im not so experienced with 3D because that was the first time id watched it too any length, some of the effects really shone through and looked great and other times you didnt really notice anything, im not sure whether my eyes are weird or thats just what happens with 3D. Also i have a progressively pounding headache but luckily it had the good grace to stay away until the film had finished!

The film overall was kind of boring, but what made it for me was watching it with my brother having someone to share it with made it all the better.

Now the film actually had a few…well more than a few stupid bits in it, the effects the overall look of the film was absoluteley beautiful but it lacked one thing it wasnt fun to watch. It didnt seem to make that much sense and everything just seemed so vague, i know the nature of the question they were setting out to answer is vague in of itself but still throw the audience a bone.

The first stupid moment that hit me square in the face was when they were having a briefing on the ship before they made landfall on the planet they had travelled so long to get to, and the 2 scientists were explaining why they were there to the rest of the crew (to find answers to the biggest questions, who made us, why are we here etc) one guy asked how do you know you’ll answer those here, do you have any evidence etc and the lady scientists just said because i have faith…… Not something you’d hear from a scientist at all!

I loved Michael Fassbenders character ‘David’ have to love the ones with the same name as me 😉 as he was more human the others put together, with the exception of idris elbas character who was awesome.

Another funny moment for me was when after they’d discovered the initial alien site, two of the scientists ‘apparently’ went back to the ship early despite them leaving early they never made it and the scientists who went later back to the ship in a panic, took all the bloody vehicles then wondered why the two who were missing werent back yet, duuhhhhh.

Then there was the moment where the captain of the ship (played by idris elba who is awesome) relayed to the people still in the underground complex that he’d picked up an additional life form a kilometre to the west of them, then after a minute or two said oh its only a glitch well good night sleep tight! Which be fair is a huge dick move but also pretty funny, putting the shits up the guys stranded on an unknown alien planet in a cavern and tell them there may or may not be a presence there with them, then saying oh well good night! Ill admit ended up being a highlight.

Then when they inevitably get attacked by alien presence (or the ooze in this case) no one can hear there distress calls because the captain is busy boning the hot blonde chick, which really who can blame him? 😀

There also came the time when the lady scientist is impregnated by a weird alien foetus and gets inside a surgery machine to remove it, although a tiny hitch the machine is only programmed to operate on males, and yet it didnt recognise it was operating on a female when it got started? hmmm. Then when it was completed it literally stapled her back together and yet after that she was up running about and seemingly nearly no worse for wear. Again which is really dumb as any one who gets gutted as she did, with copious amounts of what i assume were pain killers wouldnt be up and about and anywhere near approaching lucid.

Can i also add that why couldnt they find an actor to play mr weyland? considering the guy is meant to be in his 80s or 90s why did they feel the need to put someone in old guy make up than use an older actor? It absolutely boggles the mind.

There was also a moment when the love interest who got burnt alive since he was infected by the alien chemical weapon? came back to life and started to beat the shit out of anyone he could lay his hands on, then when they manage to subdue him and finally kill him, its never mentioned again, its absolutely amazing how utterly pointless that scene was other than to maybe pad the film a bit.

All in all before i get too consumed by rage, the questions this film asks….deserve a much better film to ask them! As in no way did this film live up to expectations or at the very least my expectations.

so id say avoid this film if you possibly can.

and as always

Thanks for reading



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