Game Time: X-Com!

I played this a month or two back, it was my very first time playing an X-Com game and i loved it (the 360 version) the controls worked well enough considering the pad wasnt entirely designed with the strategy game like this in mind.

The idea of building a secret base, researching alien technology building more advanced armour and weapons etc is my kind of shit, the first thing that hit me about the game was the difficulty curve, its bloody hard when you first play it now thats not to say it gets easier as you play it just means once you work out strategies that work and when you have the appropriate armour and weapons equipped it becomes not such a daunting task to complete.

You also have to concentrate all the time otherwise one false move, one dumb little mistake can result in your entire team getting wiped out, the only way to combat it is perhaps save after every turn but i just cant help feel like thats cheating slightly.

The difficulty curve however does not take away from the overall joy of playing the game and how much fun it is. Although admittedly if your not a strategy fan to begin with or dont get on with the genre then im not sure this is the game that’ll change your minds, the big stumbling block being the difficulty, however for everyone else its an awesome game that deserves huge recognition for being an action strategy that actually works well on console.

The story in a nutshell…aliens invade earth, you lead the fight back against them, with a very little twists and turns but not a huge amount, the voice acting however is fairly comical and also during missions they neevverrr shut the fuck up. A minor annoyance though which you could probably tweak through the settings menu.

The customisation options are there, but there very basic, but functional. Each squad members have differing nationalities but all talk with the same american accent, i think someone might have been asleep when that choice was made.

But overall yeah it does have its minor problems here and there but the good far outweighs any bad, put simply its a brilliant game 🙂

and so concludes the X-Com love in 😉

Thanks for reading


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