Game Time: Far Cry 3!

Its been a while but im back, ive been playing toooonnss of far cry 3 seeing if i could complete it first before writing about it. im about 3 missions away from the end so i decided that was close enough ūüôā

I love this game, ive spent so much time on it and there is a ton of stuff to do on there to keep you distracted/occupied from hunting animals to crafting bigger ammo belts or crafting more holsters so you can hold more guns to collectible er…collecting and more strewn over a very large area (its split up into two islands, the second one not being available until later in the game)

The graphics are something else as well, admittedly they suffer a little bit at times being a console port (i have the 360 edition) where you get noticeable pop in at times etc but its forgiveable in the long run when you take in the stunning scenery, take to long taking it in and you get attacked by the wild animals on the island! Several times i wasn’t paying attention and got attacked by tigers and leopards, which is actually really fun to deal with because it breaks up the action nicely from shooting human enemies in the face ad nauseam.

It sounds like im complaining about that but really im not the gun play is huge fun aswell, you get your standard array of weapons from pistols, smgs all the way to lmgs and rocket launchers plus some special weapons you unlock as you progress through the game, plus the customisation options too like silencers, extended magazines various types of gun sights etc which do affect your guns performance rather than being there for cosmetic appearance which i really liked as it made you think what you wanted out of the gun, which situation you planned to use it in and customise it accordingly.

Now one of my utter¬†favourite parts of the game is the animal hunting sidequests, where you get tasked to kill¬†dangerous animals that have been¬†terrorising people or something like that, anyway you get told to go to a location and pick up a specific weapon as you can only kill the animals with the weapon provided or one of the same class. What comes from this is hilarious as one of the missions involved you putting down a¬†pack of rabid wild dogs with an RPG (rocket launcher) and that is so ridiculous putting down wild dogs with a rocket launcher its funny, of couurse there were drawbacks using the weapon as the dogs tend to charge you alot so if you fire to close to you, you end up blowing yourself up…which i did the first few times im ashamed to admit!

Another situation not in a sidequest was when i stumbled onto my first tiger and having no ammo left and very little health i ended up blowing it away with a grenade, hunting made easy! Its those little touches in the game, those moments of fun where you try something off your own bat or dicking around in the lakes hunting sharks, not because the game tells you but because its fun and also serves as a side bonus to take there skins or hides to craft upgrades etc.

I wont mention much about the story to keep this relatively spoiler free, only that ive enjoyed it alot, even though there are some genuinely hard to watch moments it adds to the atmosphere of fear and being alone in a world of absolute danger and insanity.

An honourable mention to one of the main enemies in the game, Vaas who leads the pirates on the island he is brilliant, the voice actor behind him did an absolutely wonderful job conveying the characters fucked up psychotic mind and make him truly menacing.

I heartily reccomend this game to anyone, it is a bloody long game which only shows that it gives you value for money. Its beautiful, engaging and a hell of a lot of fun to play.


Thanks for reading


Hopefully wont be so long till my¬†next post ūüôā

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