Halo 4

I figured id talk a little bit about halo 4 after finishing the campaign and playing the arse out of the multiplayer.

Safe to say this halo is now my absolute favourite one in the entire franchise, although to be honest im not sure which one would have been my favourite previously, perhaps halo odst. The graphics by far on halo 4 are some of the best ive seen on the 360 and easily the best in the halo series, that gives it its own identity possibly because the new studio working on it (343 industries) wanted to put its own unique stamp on the game.

Either way it works, its a treat for the eyes to walk through the levels. The weapons are your standard halo fare with all the old classics returning plus some new human weaponry and weapons from the 3rd alien race (trying to keep it as relatively spoiler free as possible) they all work well enough split into categories like shotgun class or smg like weapons.

As for the campaign it is quite short, each level taking around half an hour to complete. I didnt mind this to much because i found earlier halo games tended to drag a bit during levels as personally i think theres only so long you can drag out a level with endless shooting. So for me the length was just about right considering the story, which was one of the best in the series with some actual character development and you witness the deepening relationship between the chief and cortana which is brilliant but also very sad (again keeping it as relatively spoiler free as possible).

As for the multiplayer its really fun too as youd expect from any halo game, its split into matchmaking playlists such as team deathmatch, zombies etc. Spartan ops which is an additional co op side story with included cinematic episodes to add some back story to the missions. These are kind of fun although they usually all boil down to kill everything in sight move on press button kill everything in sight, rinse and repeat. There are 5 episodes in total that get released every monday right now i think its on episode 4.

Also in multiplayer is the now obligatory Forge mode and theatre mode, i never really used them so i cant say much about them.

Overall id thouroughly reccomend this game, although if your not a halo fan at all this probably wont change your mind on the whole thing but if you at least like shooters you’ll get alot out of this game, and if your a halo fan you’ll love this game.

Thanks for reading



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