xbox 360 halo 3

continuing off from my halo 2 post, halo 3 continued off from 2 from the 1st xbox and it just had to bring the story to a somewhat satisfactory ending unlike halo 2’s ending which was a huge cliff hanger bringing absolutely no closure to the player.

In halo 3 you take charge of the master chief instead of the arbiter like in halo 2, which everyone hated, and hey i did too you play halo to be the master chief not anyone else, like in metal gear solid you play to be solid snake not pansy ass raiden. The graphics are pretty in the game but i think not the quantam leap people were assuming, considering the difference in quality from the first halo and halo 2.

I think halo 3 leaned more towards the multiplayer than towards the single player campaign story, as i believe it was used as a way to promote live more than anything else, the halo 3 campaign did offer some sort of closure to the over arcing story but it could have been better. In its defence it was the first halo to offer 4 player co op which was really fun and made legendary alot more meaningful than just a constant painful slog through each level.

The achievements made it much more fun, for instance the achievement to finish the final section of the last level in ghosts on 4 player on legendary with the iron skull on (anyone who died would force everyone back to the checkpoint), it doesnt sound it but it was probably one of the best most fun things achievement wise ive ever done.

As for the multiplayer it was fun also, introducing differing playlists (zombie being a particular favourite) and competition not see on live so far.


Now its not midnight and im not incredibly tired, i can finish this properly!

Now halo also had a feature called “Forge” where you could make your own maps and game types, i never got into it as i was rubbish at it but the maps created by other users are pretty damn impressive in there creativity.

Perhaps i just didnt have the creative mind at the time, although i think it was the patience i lacked that you clearly needed to be able to make something worthwhile (different story these days)

This all added to the sense of community because the best ones got picked by bungie to showcase in the multiplayer playlists or up on there website to be shown off also. Which was a cool way to give recognition to the fans who made it and to encourage others to play it, that one day they might be able to get there creations showncased too.

Thats all i can say about it really, for what the game was i didnt really leave a last impression on me so much that i can remember too much about it, it’ll be different when i get round to halo 4 as that became my favourite halo when it was released about a month ago.

so anyway

thanks for reading


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