My PC Gaming Story

I have previously not mentioned anything about pc gaming because when i was younger i never really got into it, i was always a console only kid. There were times of course when the family got new and progressively more powerful computers that i would play some games on it to show off the power that pc had, the last one i remember was crysis and wow it didnt like that one bit, it could barely run it but knowing what i do now im not exactly surprised, of course once you could get that game running on a super computer and whack the settings up to high it was definitely the most beautiful game out there and still holds up today.

The games i remember very well that i played all the time on pc were the command and conquer series, which i started at red alert 1 i was blown away as id never played RTS games before and base building and managing forces etc was actually right up my street although there was never really much strategy involved with me. I would build an overwhelming force of tanks and sweep to the other side of the map, mopping up everything i saw which would work pretty much 10/10 in those days i dont think theres much variation on that these days except perhaps being forced to build overwhelming airforces aswell to take out power generators powering the enemy bases defences making everything ready for a collosal tank column to roll over everything.

The cutscenes between missions were the real reward, you would always go that extra mission to see what the next video would be like as they were always so much fun to watch despite the utter cheesiness they were also brilliant. My favourites were always in the red alert universe right up to red alert 3 which had tim curry (who was hilarious) and gemma atkinson (super hot) amongst others.

I have a soft spot for command and conquer 3 which i think was called tiberium wars? It starred michael ironside and anything with sam fisher in just has to be awesome. I played command and conquer 4 for all of 5 minutes and instantly hated it, i cant really tell you why as i just said i didnt play it long enough but i can say it was boring very, very boring.

These days i play alot more pc games, without exception on my laptop usually the more pc specific ones like RTS or puzzle games etc, for anything else i play it on console as i much prefer the control method of a controller over a keyboard and mouse. I know i could buy a 360 pad for the pc but never got round to it and to be honest ive got one for my console i dont need another one yet, but someday i probably will get one when i have a little bit extra funds available.

As for MMO’s im kind of ambivalent, i mean ive tried to get into them but i always seem to tail off as i go into the lvl 20 range, especially with WoW i just could never get into that. Guild wars 1 i completed that story which is the only one ive completed (incidentally the lvl cap was 20…) i do have guild wars 2 which ive taken a break from but i do plan to go back on it soon, it definitely helps that it doesnt have a monthly subscription, and SWTOR i played looaddss until lvl 40 then completely stopped for some reason, maybe i burnt myself out, ill go back on it sometime as its free to play now.

Right now im on a warhammer 40k kick such as dawn of war 1 and 2 including the expansion packs thank you steam! Im really getting into the warhammer series and the lore is really fun to read about. Ive also been playing the crap out of warhammer 40k space marine which was my first one. I have the 360 version and i love it especially the combat its so easy and free flowing its an utter joy to play.

Pc gaming in general has opened my eyes somewhat, i used to be a console only man but now im more than happy to buy multiple games on pc via steam instead of spending money on console games only.

Its that variation, that feeling of not missing out on the various experiences games can provide on different platforms and not limiting yourself by blind fanboyism. Experiencing all that you can, as games give you so much its a crime to miss out.

Thanks for reading


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