Xbox 360 Achievements

I figured id talk about the advent of achievements in a singular post than tieing it in with a game. When i first got my 360 all those years ago i had absolutely no idea what those pop ups meant, achievement unlocked? Whats that? I thought to begin with that you get a certain number of points you get unlockable or rewards etc im not sure why but i did. Then i went to the ever dependable internet to find out it was like a portfolio of your gaming achievements that you could use to show off to your friends or just advertise what you’ve done on certain games and the awesomeness of your accumulated gamerscore.

Then of course the idea of 100% games and earning all the achievements becomes a game in itself, it took a while to take a hold on me but i think its safe to say im a big fan of achievements…ill write down my gamerscore at the bottom. It is an ingenious way of lengthening a games life span too as once the story etc is completed you can go back to unlock its various achievements.

The very first game i fully 100% was call of duty 2, technically it was fight night round 3 but you can get all the achievements just by playing the career mode all the way to the end so i dont count that. Call of duty at the time took pride of place because it was one the hardest ones for me to complete oweing to the veteran difficulty setting which thinking about it now was actually one of the fairest veteran settings in the entire series, but still i was proud of achieving 100%.

One game ill always remember and be very chuffed about 100% achievements was Call of Duty 4, on veteran it was very hard but it did also have its fun moments, as to me it did seem to reward boldness rather than sitting back because often there would be infinitely spawing enemies unless you moved forward. The specific achievement in the game that had me running around the room shouting excitedly was the mile high club achievement, which was the games epilogue mission. You have to clear out a plan in mid air of terrorists rescuing hostages set to a time limit, now the time limit on normal is very fair giving you more than enough time to complete it which was 2 minutes, it doesnt sound alot but it is. But on veteran you only got 1 minute and with the terrorists now possessing super bionic vision and aiming you have a recipe for absolute horribleness. I managed to do it though after about 40 minutes of trying and it gave me a great feelling of accomplishment.

One of the most outright enjoyable games ive ever 100% was portal 2, because it relied on alot of co op play to do it and it was so much fun to play, i went through it with a great friend of mine over a weekend and he doesnt really do puzzle games but i managed to persuade him and he was glad he got it in the end 🙂 working together solving the test chambers and various puzzles was one of the best examples of a co op game at work, the memories of it will always stay with me.

The proof of how successful achievements are, is that the system got copied by sony and got renamed trophies, its a pretty big compliment for the design when your biggest competitor makes a spin off/copy of your achievements system.

I love achievements, i was going to end on that but i might aswell reveal what my gamerscore is its….

Thanks for reading




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