Movie time: Ted!

today Ted by the family guy creator seth mcfarlane was released on dvd and various other digital outlets. I decided to watch it on the xbox as i guess i was too lazy to go into town so i rented it online.

Immediately from the credits you recognise names from family guy, the writers, the actors who do the voices etc it gives you a fuzzy feeling of comfort as you know these guys and what humour they do and do well.

The main characters are played by mila kunis who is insanely hot, mark wahlberg and of course seth mcfarlane as ted doing a cross between his normal voice and peter griffin or at least thats what it sounded like to me, and to add the animation for ted is really really good, he moves very naturally and it never seems out of place.

The story plays it in the beginning of how ted came to be, quite simply by the power of a wish, the beginning part by the way is narrated by sir patrick stewart and he is brilliant on so many levels, as it scrolls through the opening credits it shows johnny the little boy growing up with his best friend ted as he grows into, tadah! mark wahlberg.

As the film warms up it did seem to be like a real life version of  family guy or at the very least loosely based on it. While not neccesarily a hugely bad thing it does move on from that and starts to create an identity of its own, johnny (wahlberg) is a man firmly living in the past having some growing up to do, despite having a super hot girlfriend and you get the feeling that ted is exacerbating that and almost unwittingly keeping him in that comfort zone, and since wahlbergs character never has seemed to know anything else he keeps getting dragged back into trouble with ted.

Which is funny but at the same time you cant help getting the feeling that you want to tell him dont do it! mila kunis is too hot to mess around! Perhaps im taking the film too seriously, i mean it is funny but it seems a lot more story driven than throwing in joke after joke after joke, and i like that change from alot of seth mcfarlanes other stuff.

Anyway getting back on track the ted character is cute….when not cursing, getting drunk and or high! and him and wahlberg work really well together. They just work as a duo, never seems forced and always completely natural which made it great to watch.

and even though ted is a foul mouthed drunk he is heart warming and actually kind of sweet (yep i said sweet heh) you might know what i mean, the scene with him and mila kunis when he’s trying to get her character to speak to johnny to patch things up. ( they had split because of johnnys flakiness and bailing on her to hang with ted.

There is a reconciliation about 3/4 of the way in the film, but then ted gets kidnapped by a creepy guy and his creepy kid, he managed to phone john, john phones the police while driving over to the creepy guys house to rescue him with the immortal line “911! Someone took my teddy bear!…..hello?” i loved that line 😀 or from ted while in a bin bag “i hear the fat kid running, heh i hear him running i bet its hilarious”.

all in all it was actually quite a heart warming film with some geuinely amusing moments in it, and they added to it superbly without stealing the focus away from the story.

Oh and yes Johnny and lori (mila kunis) get back together and marry

im on purposely leaving out how so i dont spoil completely everything!

in conclusion it was a fun film with some genuinely funny moments and some heartwarming too, and makes you smile and thats exactly what youd want from a film 🙂

thanks for reading


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