Xbox live in my experience

I am skipping ahead a little bit considering there are a few more games to write about before moving onto the 360 etc but i figured this subject deserved a post outright on its own.

I had never got much into multiplayer before the advent of xbox live, it just made it that much simpler and voice chat made it easier to talk and to get to know fellow gamers as of course its easier to bond when you can hear there voices rather than in text.

Ive met several life long friends via xbox live, my oldest ones ive known for 6+ years (oddly we met on gears 1 which i never thought as an entirely sociable game!) they know who they are and i love them dearly, playing together on the new releases and older games for a change up there quite possibly the nicest people youll ever meet and im lucky to be able to call them my friends.

Live was also good to be able to keep in touch with some of the lads from the cricket club, as all you need to do is exchange gamertags and there you go. Now i have to admit xbox live wasnt good for my sleep patterns, often staying up till 2-3am playing gears or halo or whatever. Especially with good company, so it often replicates that quality of oh just one more game, oh just 10 more minutes etc.

Of course you get the standard assholes that everyone knows about the racists, the high or the downright abusive but they are easily dealt with, the mute button! and personally i rarely put my mic on during ranked multiplayer games as during then i just want to play rather than deal with any shit. I think it all depends on what game you play, where you can make pretty good assumptions about that particular games community, it is a complete generalisation but the likes of Call of duty i would always think has a youngish age range and more inclined to be abusive (teenagers raging hormones etc) oh and yeah there will certainly be the odd exceptions.

Dont let that put you off though the 90% of xbox live is overwhelmingly positive and with the updates they added stuff like 4od, skygo etc (on demand tv services from here, im not sure what the different apps are for different territories but im sure there different) i do like the games on demand service too as downloading games comes as a godsend when i cant be arsed to go into town and pick something up. The prices to begin with were not so erm competitive, i think there a little better now there not all £20 i believe the cheapeast now is metal gear solid peace walker that was £11 so at least microsoft are learning if a little slowly about competitive pricing.

Overall the service is well well worth the fees, i have it on £40 pound a year i believe which is more than fair in my opinion, ive seen some people complain to make it free but i cant help thinking that the service would suffer greatly without having the subscription fees, as you get what you pay for.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend

thanks for reading


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