Xbox 360 release memories and progression

I still remember the launch day vividly, i ended up having to buy my xbox 360 on ebay from someone jacking up the price after they bought it from the shops, although i was pretty lucky that the price was still in the upper range of reasonable. The games i got with it seperately were call of duty 2 and kameo, i really enjoyed the both of them but i was especially taken with call of duty 2 as at the time i thought it was one of the most beautiful games id ever seen, of course now it kind of looks like a pile of shit but then i was mesmorised.

It was the smoke effects that really got me, as it seemed almost real to me, the detail on the iron sights as you lined up your shots really added to the beauty of it. The story or what passed for the story was non descript and not really worth any mention, it gives you just about a good valid reason to be involved with the huge spectacular set pieces and anyway no one really pays any attention to story in a world war 2 shooter as they’ve already been done to death and everyone knows how itll turn out, we win.

I believe there was multiplayer on it but the few times i did try it i kept getting lagged out so i cant really comment on how good that part was, but if it was anything like cod 4 multiplayer then it would have been awesome.

Cod 2 was also the very first game i ever 100% achievements i was chuffed to bits as some of the sections were really bastard hard on veteran difficulty (veteran being the bane of all Cod games for being incredibly unforgiving).

On to kameo that was more like an rpg lite game, i mean it was a pretty good game but it was quite short and the story and mechanics didnt really pull you in. It also featured co op which i managed to play with a great friend of mine which made the experience 100x better than it would have been on my own, it was a double edged sword of course because we finished the campaign in double quick time but it was fun while it lasted.

I could never shake the feeling though that kameo felt more like a tech demo for the 360 than an outright designed game. It was a launch title though so perhaps i shouldnt be overly harsh on it, but i will it was really one of the worst launch titles released, probably up there with perfect dark zero but hey they were entertaining up to a point until the better games were released and luckily we didnt have to wait too long for that πŸ™‚

During this launch period i dont think id ever been so excited for a console, i think it was because i had previously been using alot of xbox live from the first xbox and was looking forward to playing with my friends from there, although that didnt quite pan out as planned as i lost touch with all of them!

As ive mentioned in another post though that was probably for the best as the friends i have now i wouldnt ever replace them for anything i love them to death πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading


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