Movie night “The Avengers!”

Well ive just got back from my brothers we have had essentially a boys night in but also really it was a good brother bonding session, few beers watching the avengers at his house so actually it turned out to be a pretty good day.

Currently its 2:08 am so im pretty tired now, although not as much as i should be given the time but i wanted to get this down while the film was still fresh.

Well to start with…it was awesome! I really really enjoyed it, the action was really good and never got repetitive and boring, the story was eh, it was alright for a super hero movie but it was the interaction between the heroes that i really enjoyed, and a few genuinely funny moments (my personal favourites always had tony stark-ironman at the forefront, as i have never seen an ironman film it was kind of new territory, so i didnt really know what to expect but i was pleasantly surprised and not your typical goody goody hero attitude like for example captain america.

Although dont get me wrong i liked his character, actually i liked all the characters apart from perhaps scarlett johansens one, i just didnt buy it personally that she was a badass as shes a tiny thing. Moving on to the hulks character i thought mark ruffalo did a superb job as bruce banner, for me it all came down to belieavability (probably not a real word!) and i believed his character a world weary doctor constantly at battle with his inner demon or hulk if you will.

The Main villain was called loki and he was pretty good, suitably insane and power hungry, with the obligatory well spoken english accent, its nice to see in the film industry that there sticking to the formula, english accent=villain maybe perhaps it sounds more threatening than some others? I dont know as im english myself and dont see it, i certainly hope i dont sound bad!

There was one silly moment, well who am i kidding there were several silly bits but one thats stuck with me is when ironman was falling out of the sky as his suit was struggling for power, and then when the power kicks in again and his thrusters ignite, it ignites while hes right on top of a group of civilians and i couldnt help thinking, wouldnt he have roasted them like chicken? Ah well i guess it was part of the fun and not trying to think about it too much.

Oh! and that reminds me he seemed to have an english butler voice that talked to him while in the suit, that made me smile, couldnt help thinking of alfred from batman i guess thats another stereotype but personally i dont mind it all you just have to laugh.

Oh (again) sidenote i watched it on blu-ray and wow it looked amazing, really impressed with the visuals which i dont think would have translated as well on to dvd. If able to make sure to watch it on blu-ray you wont regret it.

right its now 2:40 am and tiredness is creeping in so i shall cut it here, overall a great night and a great time with my brother too, and you cant say much better than that 🙂

Goodnight all

Thanks for reading


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