more xbox! Conkers Bad fur day Reloaded

another xbox memory that introduced me to an N64 classic (i had moved on to another console when the game was released for that machine) for me this game made me smile and laugh on more than a few occasions.

The graphics were spectacular for the xbox the fur looked real, water effects beautiful just everything about it really immersed you in the game world and captured the imagination which made everything that much more believable compared with the N64 (although thats probably a bit harsh considering the technology involved couldnt convey any emotion whatsoever 99% of the time)

I loved the voice acting in the game which had a mix of british accents and dialects and some american ones thrown in for good measure (the game was made by british developers Rare who used to be owned by nintendo and now are currently owned by microsoft) the voices all fit there respective characters from conker himself all the way to the classic character “The great mighty poo” excuse me i meant the singing “great mighty poo” who is a boss in the game, one difference between this version and the N64 is that anytime someone swore it was bleeped out on the xbox version and left in on the N64, this is quite noticeable during the poo boss fight (not something i thought id ever write!) where he sings about slinging bits of shit at you etc incidentally the song is hilarious.

One of my favourite moments in the game was the parody of the matrix fight scene from the first matrix film when neo and trinity go to save morpheus from the hands of the agents. It was genius, another great moment for me, was the saving private ryan (which had the army of squirrels invading the evil forces of the tediz which were modeled on the nazis) bit which changed the game to a 3rd person over the shoulder perspective shooter which was brilliantly done and was a nice change of pace from the adventuring banjo-kazooie style.

This was one of the few games out that genuinely made me laugh consistently and often as the humour was spot on and irreverant.

Id better talk about the multiplayer aspect, now i dont know if that came with the N64 version or not but anyway it was great fun and i spent at least 100 hours on it, admittedly i spent alot of time on unlocking the swearing bonus where it didnt bleep out the swearing during the death matches which i thought was amazing! I was about 16 at the time i loved that stuff, so i tried to find a cheat to unlock the swearing in the adventure mode which unfortunately didn’t exist.

I thoroughly recommend the game, if you ever find it get it you wont be disappointed, and be prepared to have fun with it, it doesnt take itself too seriously, it will make you laugh and is mechanically a very good adventure platforming game.

For me though it was the feeling i got when playing it, i just couldnt stop smiling and during my teens something like that which made me smile was a godsend, i guess it was a happy place for me to go to, now i wasnt depressed during my childhood but still it was a happy place to go, in a way it was like having the feeling of having good company around, and that was awesome.

Thanks for reading


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