Xbox Contd. halo 2!

Halo 2, for some reason there were alot of people that hated this game or at the very least were dissapointed by it, perhaps by sky high unrealistic expectations? Not me i actually really enjoyed the game. I remember launch day very well as 2 nights before i had got incredibly drunk ergo i cant drink baileys anymore because the smell of it will make me throw up ugh.

I had ordered the game via postal service and thankfully it came on the day of the launch, i always remember thinking there back! when during the opening battle scenes the covenant (the main enemy of the game) broke into the space station that you were on, which was a thrill plus being blown away by the incredible visuals.

This was also a game that had had a huge PR campaign and it was hard to not get swept up by it all, the soundtrack had guest appearances by apparently well known pop and or rock stars (i didnt know them at all or cared) personally by favourite tracks were always by the original composer Marty o’donnell anyway so the guest stars were a giant waste of time in my opinion.

This was also the first halo game to introduce boss fights… Which i hated and im aware it wasnt too popular with a lot of people either, oh and also before i forget it also had you switched between the master chief and an elite called ‘The Arbiter’ which again everyone hated as of course you play halo to be the master chief not anyone else its like the problem they had with metal gear sold 2 sons of liberty where you played as snake then you switched to the girly man raiden for the rest of the game (which again everyone hated! Starting to notice a pattern i think)

I wasnt so bothered about it at the time, although with any arbiter section i rushed through it as fast as i could as i just didnt have anything invested in the character like i did with the master chief, They werent terrible sections of the game but they were a bit dull when you didnt really care about the character.

The multiplayer was really really good, probably one of the best multiplayer experiences you could get at the time, i played it so much it was unreal however i started to slow down on it when the cheating started and hackers etc of course its never fun to slog your way through a game with blatant cheating by other players.

i realise it may have sounded like this is just one big moan about the game but i enjoyed it for what it was, rather than the gift from the gods the majority was expecting i thought it was an enjoyable shooter excellent graphics and of course being the freaking master chief is always awesome.

Oh and being able to do the things online on halo 2 that i was doing on halo 1 multiplayer was awesome (as i mentioned before vehicle stackings, trying to get to places you werent meant to etc)

So all in all i think this was the game that really cemented the view that dont ever get caught up in the pre release hype, in some cases the hype is entirely justified but i think its always better to err on the side of caution and take that extra minute to decide for yourself if the game is any good or not.

Thanks for reading


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