The Walking Dead Game Episode 5 No Time Left Finale

I figured id write this while it was still fresh as i downloaded and completed it last night on the 360, i really liked it i guessed i was hoping for an ending that wasnt quite so bleak, upsetting and very sad but that was probably due to naievety on my part considering the situation the group were in and what was ultimately the end of the world as we know it.

So a few minutes into the finale at the hospital where you were left off you are left with a decision whether to cut the arm off that had the zombie bite or not to, i chose to cut it off and bloody hell it was difficult to watch his arm getting sawn off rather than say getting chopped clean off by an axe or something, not nice at all!

That kind of sets the tone for the entire finale because as you try to make your way back from the hospital to the marsh house hotel to rescue clementine the girl your looking after and protecting and who is basically your only family left (you find her at the beginning of episode 1 all alone in her home as her parents went missing) you lurch from one disaster to the next encountering problem after problem sprinkled in with some survivor death too even though it was the zombie apocalypse it did feel like they went a bit overboard on the constant problems and things going wrong all the time.

As when the inevitable does happen and long time characters start dieing you kind of expect it and get almost desensitsed to it, but anyway all in all as it ends up you rescue clementine (you can choose whether to kill her captor or let him live i chose to choke him out) and as you try to get clem out of the streets and into the country side the zombie bite overwhelms you and the sequence where clem has to leave you is heartbreaking and a big tear jerker. It probably wasnt the best idea to play it at 1 in the morning last night as when i finished it i just couldnt sleep for at least an hour after finishing it due to still being upset.

all in all its a hell of a game and a great story i thouroughly reccomend it to anyone

Thanks for reading


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