Part 4: Xbox and getting to grips with xbox live

The very first xbox i had preordered via a highstreet shop thankfully it didnt seem like there was a huge demand at the time so i had no problems in getting it. While i was still in school my parents had picked it up for me and it was there waiting for me as i got in the door, as i got older i didnt show my excitement quite as loudly or as hyper as when i was younger but i like to think i showed me thanks and appreciation to them in different ways.

To start with there was Halo Combat Evolved which had that similar appeal to goldeneye earlier but with far more advanced visuals better story more open ended campaign and a much deeper, detailed multiplayer. It was so much fun i can always remember when having friends round we’d start it up choose the map blood gulch and just come up with stuff to do like trying to jam the vehicles on top of the bases where they technically werent supposed to be able to reach, or trying to stack each vehicle up etc (good times)

it was during the early period of the consoles lifespan there was a big price cut which was unheard of so early on, so microsoft offered the people who had bought the console at full price 2 free games and a controller which i took advantage of, id never known anything like that before but i fully appreciated it, not often a mega company like microsoft gives you free full priced games and controller.

This was the first console to have an internal hard drive included as standard which meant no buying 20 pound memory cards like on the playstation 2! Which was a very very good thing those things were way overpriced, the xbox harddrive by comparison was large enough that you wouldnt ever have to worry about running out of space.

The controllers were big bulky things but once you got over the initial difficulties using it, it was perfectly fine i never got caught up in the fervour about the controller being to big etc

For me the xbox seemed a kind of spiritual successor to the dreamcast pads at the time were very similar and also a little later down the line offered online multiplayer by way of its xbox live service, that had voice chat as standard as you could only connect through a broadband connection, that was a novelty for me and slightly daunting but giving it time i got used to it and learned to love playing with other people making friends and competing with them and other members of the online community. Ill took more about that at length another time in a seperate post.

i did find myself starting to think more and more about the multiplayer than the singleplayer, while i always maintain singleplayer as the main content and the multiplayer the continuation after you complete it, the multiplayer modes on offer were getting better and most importantly more fun and with the voice chat co op got brought even more to the forefront which was my personal favourite over competitive matches.

Part 5 to be continued

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