Part 5 cont. Knights of the old republic on xbox 1

carrying on from previously there are still a few more xbox 1 games of note that really developed my sense of what a video game was or at least what i think it was and what i could aspire to be.

Knights of the old republic a.k.a KOTOR from bioware was in my opinion a master piece in story telling and was an enormous universe to explore with multiple planets to go to in search of your goal, it was also my first exposure to a bioware game.

Now the combat was a little iffy, it was functional and quite tactical but if you like your action real time you would not have enjoyed it, at least that particular aspect anyway. As for me i quite liked it once i got used to it, as its any nerd/geek etc dream to be like a jedi knight to wield a lightsaber, use force powers etc so this game was like having that dream come true, although to start off the game you are introduced to the main character you control as a man of mystery so to speak (not like austin powers!) i liked this approach because it was up to you to customise the look and skills as you saw fit, after each level up deciding which skill to increase or what feat/ability to add to your repetoire.

as you progress through the first world and find transport to get to a jedi academy thats when you start awakening your force powers and you create your own lightsabe (big squee from me there when i saw you could do that!) essentially the first world you encounter acts like a tutorial and for me its paced just right, although admittedly when you go through it again you try to rush through it as fast as possible or at least i did.

Once you completed your jedi training and acquire your own ship thats when the real story starts and your objectives are made clear to you, that was one of my favourite parts about it, it was a long game there was a lot to do plenty of side quests etc it gave you your moneys worth.

Another of my absolute favourite things about the game was that you recruited squad members for your team/ship and you could individually choose which ones to bring with you to a planet all with there own individual personalities. My personal favourite crew member was HK-47 his dialogue was hilarious and it was always fun to bring him along for the entertainment value alone.

The game also had a moral choice system which actually fit the star wars universe because you could choose from the light side choice or the dark side choice and your allignment would change depending on what answers you gave to different dialogue and quest choices you made, your appearance would also change for instance your skin would start getting paler when you were moving to the dark side which was a cool touch, on my first play through i went for the light side play through (i always do that now with any game that has moral choice systems for example the mass effect games)

i think thats what made the HK-47 character so entertaining as his allignment was firmly in the dark side as he was an assassin droid, it was a nice change from the standard do good choices that was norm in those days in games. He would think twice before suggesting shooting first and asking questions later which was hilarious considering at the time you were only bartering at a shop for items.

my first playthrough took up about 25 hours and id only done half the side quests so during my 2nd it topped about 50, that time breezed by as it had that quality where you would look at the clock on the sideboard and say ill play another 10 minutes, then another and another etc.

To finish on a memory where i had college the next day when i first bought KOTOR so i had that moment where i got sucked in playing it and then when i thought to look at the time it was 5 am and i had a train at 7am safe to say i didnt end up going that day as i had an hours sleep and i was exhausted, lesson learnt but man it was worth it!

Conkers bad fur day remake on the xbox next 🙂


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