and now for something completely different

This post is going to be a little different from my previous thread of posts but its something i wanted to do,

I have type 1 diabetes ive had it for roughly 2 years now and its been a hard road getting up to this point of “acceptance” having something thats going to stay with me my entire life, having to inject myself 4 times a day getting the 6 monthly check ups, retinal scans, blood tests etc from being relatively healthy and rarely having to go to the doctors or have tests to having them very frequently, i understand they need to be done but i still sometimes get struck by the huge differences in my life.

Which i believe have contributed to the problems ive been having, i actually started writing and doing this blog to help occupy my mind and to give myself more of an outlet. It has been tremendously helpful but not for my sleep pattern! as the other night i meant to go to sleep around 11pm and ended up writing till about 1 in the morning.

Although its around that time where my anxiety generally peaks which prevents me from sleeping anyway until very late into the night, recently my more anxious moments have been when ive been dwelling on how i wish i could get a day off from it all where i didnt have to think about my blood sugar level or how much insulin i have to inject into myself. Right now its ground me down i would have thought this phase will pass soon or maybe itll happen every so often because it is a constant job to make sure its all under control but on a happier note so far everything has been under tight control.

and then of course the mood swings when the blood sugar levels have got too high or too low, thankfully ive learnt to control them alot better but you do get times where you physically feel like you cant process multiple voices talking to you and its during those times you just need to take a step back and have some alone time until you feel better.

Anyway i feel a bit better now ive transcribed some of my anxiety into words 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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