Final part of my nintendo era

I thought id give this one a proper title as ill be talking about the one and only “zelda ocarina of time” which for me is THE iconic N64 game, backed up by the fact its been remade at least 3 times! for the gamecube bundled with zelda windwaker and made available again for the wii and again for the 3DS.

It speaks volumes about the game itself that people still love it to this day, i was excited about it ever since reading about it in various nintendo magazines scouring the previews soaking up as much information as i could about it. So then during a family christmas shopping trip while in Whsmiths i clapped my eyes on a copy of ocarina of time, i went crazy excited so my dad took me to the bank to withdraw my christmas money so i could pay for it myself, then promptly rushed back to the shop to get it and then after that you could not keep the smile off my little face.

Then when we got home within seconds rushing up the stairs to start playing my new game! That was my first ever zelda game and id say it was a pretty good one to start with and considering the stories of all the games dont really connect with each other i wasnt missing out.

It was definitely something id never experienced before thats the way it always seemed to go with the games that stay in your memory the ones that really offer you that fresh experience, it always seemed to have that little bit extra to offer you aswell since the world map was so big or at least it felt big you always had that feeling that you explore and find that little corner of the map you hadnt been to yet you could find some new treasures or extra hearts to increase your health bars etc and even if the search came up empty it never discouraged you because even in the act of treasure hunting and all that was fun and never felt like a chore.

I do remember getting mightily confused with the whole being able to go back and forwards in time with the master sword in the temple of time so you could either be young link or old link or in my case thanks to the name editor at the start “Young David” or “Old David” that definitely confused me as there was many time where i would be wondering out loud why something in particular wasnt working or getting stuck where to go until eventually figuring out i had to be in the present or the future.

There was also the upgrades systems where you could buy bigger purses so you could hold more money or bigger bomb pouches to hold more bombs etc so of course i had to get them all before even thinking about completing the story and also not forgetting the benefits of having more stuff to use as the universal equation states                      more stuff=better!

another memory that stands out for me in the game was fighting the final boss ganondorf in his final form i must have spent half an hour pummeling him with the goron sword (which was a giant two hand sword) as he attacked i rolled underneath him to attack his tail rinse and repeat that several hundred times and nothing was happening i had no idea why at the time so i thought ill try something else so i took out the master sword and did the move hacked at his tail and killed him in 1 hit, my only reaction was…huh theres a thing, as it had taken me so long i wasnt mad i was just relieved that i beat him!

honourable mention to the minigames in particular the fishing! i honestly cant remember the point of it but i do remember spending alot of time im not sure if thats a good or bad thing so ill let you decide!

thats my nintendo era over and getting into my teenage years i moved onto different consoles as i changed and grew but that is for next installment 🙂

Thanks For Reading


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