Part 1 of growing up with video games

I love Video games, i love the industry behind it, I love everything about them so I thought id write how they’ve influenced me, as far back as I can remember the machines or its influences have always been around whether being advertisements for the latest console or perhaps for the inspired cartoon spin offs it was something that caught my attention and ran away with it.

The reasons I can give now as to why it grabbed me and still does to this day is the ability to be in control of a character getting immersed in a fantastical world (depending on which genre of course!) being able to experience a story like no other medium could, whether it be Skyrim, final fantasies (the good ones!) various mmorpergers, point and click adventure games far too many others to list here in full. I won’t leave out the shooters as they shouldn’t be discounted because of what they are, excitement, thrills and competition (I’m sounding a bit like a PR man but hey there’s no other way to describe them)

Now, going back to my younger more innocent years where it all started it was all very different where the latest consoles and handhelds were super nintendos, sega megadrives etc (the NES was a tiny bit before my time) and Gameboys for the handhelds. All cutting edge for its time and very fun in their own rights the earliest game I can remember playing clearly was super Mario brothers and the 8 lost coins where the gameplay is like every other Mario game past present and future jumping on various different platforms collecting coins and jumping on enemies heads, which was brilliantly simple and compelling but also deceptively tough i remember the gameplay which was hard, well it felt very difficult at the time and that’s what hooked me in to that game particularly because of the challenges it presented to the player it just wouldn’t give up its prize to anyone and you had to earn it I would always come back for more (there was tetris which as everyone knows is an absolute classic but it didn’t grab me as super Mario did as there was context for what you do during that game however rudimentary it was it still gave you more than enough justification for what was going on in the game)

That was the earliest example I can remember and from that came the super Nintendo bringing with it more advanced graphics and an increased scope of what the games could deliver to the player. There were always the obligatory super Mario bros games which of course were brilliant but I don’t need to explain that again, the game that really stands out for me in my memory was “illusion of time” which was my very first RPG and that really captured my imagination I got taken in by the story, the exploration to the different parts of the world map and the puzzle solving (the combat not so much but that was at least functional) it was at this age 8-10 that it left a mark to my mind what a game was, what its identity was and what they should be of course not as defined as that as I was only a kid but the games I played from then up to my teenage years mostly followed RPG fantasy lines, from a personal standpoint it helped me learn about the wonders of exploration and intrigue about our surrounding as I never went out much at the time because I was very shy and kept myself to myself, where actually a lot of the characters at the time were portrayed as anti-social or incapable of proper social behaviour and the story arcs would develop in a way that allowed the main character to evolve so to speak and become a better person and that inspired me that there is always scope to improve to become better as a person and improve on your weaknesses.

ill end this part here many more to come

Have a good one 🙂


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